How to Clean a Glass Bong Without Making a Mess

Anyone that uses “legal herbs” in a glass bong or water pipe knows the problems that come with using it – it gets dirty and is obviously hard to clean. Water doesn’t really get the gunk out, but to know how to clean a glass bong it is first advised to read up and fully understand how the cleaning itself needs to be done because I have had sticky hands for too long on too many days.

For stuck on, waxy substances – usually the worst ones to get rid of and eliminate from the surface of smooth glass – it can sometimes make it easier to use opposite ends of the spectrum in regard to temperature.

Heat may make the residue runny and impossible to fully remove but I have found that a glass bong is cleaned easily when hot water is first used to rinse and remove any larger particles.

After this original rinse, a few steps can be taken depending on the peice being cleaned and what is available.

Toothpicks, actual pipe cleaners, old toothbrushes, and lots of other hard or bristled household items can be used to abrade and clean some of the stuff inside the piece itself, but this is not always possible.

Head to the grocery store or a nearby drug store and pick up some isopropyl alcohol or even a certain brand of cleaner from a head shop if you can. The higher the percent alcohol the easier it will be to clean the residue from a glass bong. Usually it costs no more than a few bucks to pick this up and it is always in stock.

Now, putting a dry bong in the freezer with the alcohol for a few hours may make it easier to rinse out the glass bong when cleaning. Cold should help to make the residue brittle and easier to break off when it comes into contact with the alcohol.But I haven’t found too much of a difference.

Anyway, holding a glass bong over the sink removes the chance of any messes for the next step: actually rinsing the piece with alcohol.

After gathering everything, pour some isopropyl along all the inner sides of the piece and plug the holes of a glass bong one way or another to make it easier to vigorously shake to remove the grime.

Once you have shaken a glass bong filled with the alcohol for a while, empty it out and repeat the isopropyl wash a few times until the bong is clear, maybe using some of the pipe cleaners or toothpicks from earlier too if possible.

Then, just wash a glass bong with water until the alcohol smell is gone – definitely the easiest, most effective way I know how to clean a glass bong.

Cleaning a glass bong becomes a routine rather than a chore. When you know how easy it is. you can reap the rewards of a freshly cleaned piece.