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Hi! I’m Suzanne Kuhl. Welcome to my How to Clean White Tips & Tricks Blog. I’m in love with all-white things: gorgeous, fresh, and stylish.

I share with my readers the ways to manifest anything you want right now and get the things you desire.

I personally firmly believe in the effectiveness of hard work, proven strategies, and the power of positive vibrations.

If you believe, miracles can happen.

Also, through collaboration with designers, care professionals, and people of style, I’m creating a full collection of the white things you can own, and methods to keep them clean so you can enjoy luxury white color every day.

Stop ruining great white dresses and shoes, enjoy wearing shiny white gold jewelry and beautiful white purses, keep clean leather car seats and white walls at home.

Environmentally Responsible Cleaning

I test different products and techniques to share the best practices with you. I prefer natural materials and eco-friendly cleaning products: soaps, professional cleaners, and laundry detergents.

Let’s enjoy pure white color around us every day, double the life of white things we own, and keep our planet clean!

Yours sincerely,