How to Clean a Beauty Blender

Like most people, my morning routine involves time in front of the mirror putting on my face. Until very recently, that routine did not include cleaning each brush and makeup sponge every day.

My beauty blender was a hot mess and I usually replaced it after just a couple of weeks. However, the benefits of a clearer complexion and getting the most sponge for my money have inspired me to share how to clean a beauty blender the proper way.

The Internet and beauty magazines are filled with horror stories of ladies cutting their makeup sponges open out of curiosity and instantly regretting it.

Once you’ve seen the buildup inside your used sponges, you will wish you had learned how to clean a beauty blender years ago. Luckily, I can guide you through the process.

The amount of makeup your makeup sponge absorbs depends on a number of factors. Different weights and ingredients of foundations will matter, as will the surface area of the sponge you use.

If you use a makeup sponge with a more refined tip, you are likely to have less makeup inside the sponge, but that tip could be pretty nasty. A flatter sponger likely means a wider distribution of makeup inside the sponge, too.

If you’re trying to salvage a used makeup sponge, you will need to wash away as much of your old makeup as possible. Fill a clean bowl with warm water and a splash of mild soap. If you don’t have a specialized cleanser, baby soap works well as it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals.

Let your makeup sponge soak in the bowl, fully submerged, for ten minutes. In my experience, that is long enough to soften any old foundation deposits.

Next, gently massage the sponge to start working out the old makeup that has absorbed into the middle. The first time I did this, I was shocked at how much oozed out of the sponge. I was soon staring at what looked like a bowl of muddy water with no end in sight.

At this point, you will want to use a gentle stream of warm water and continue to squeeze out any remaining makeup.

Buy a high-quality cleanser designed for a makeup sponge. I prefer the solid bar type, but liquid cleansers will allow you to soak multiple sponges at once.

The varieties are nearly endless, but you will want to find one that is gentle enough for your favorite applicators and also free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. That will keep anything nasty from building up on your brushes and sponges.

Use the makeup sponge cleanser after each use. Trust me, once you make it part of your routine, cleaning your makeup sponge will take no time at all. Just apply a dab of cleanser, lather in some warm water, and rinse away that morning’s leftover makeup.

Always allow your brush or makeup sponge to air dry to keep them from going brittle.

Now that you know how to clean a beauty blender, you can rest easy knowing that each application of your foundation starts with a fresh palette.