How to Clean Coins

Here are some successful ways on how to clean coins, which I tried and they worked!Simple

Simple Washing

First of all, I washed the coin with a stream of plain water to remove traces of soil or other impurities.

Then I left the coin in a pan where the soap or shampoo was diluted with some water, and he should stay in a pan for three or four hours.

After the indicated time, I removed the coin from the pan and removed the lefts of the impurities with the toothbrush!

After this, just wipe the old dirty coin with dry towel and it will be clean as new!

If this way doesn’t work, here are some other ways to clean your old dirty coins, that has worked for me!

If there are deposits of grease and organic matter on the coin, these deposits should be removed!

A grease remover is placed in the pan, followed by your old dirty coins. After one hour, each coin should be brushed by the toothbrush or a soft cloth to remove impurities.

This procedure should be repeated until the impurities have been removed.

The followings are used as grease removers:

Pharmaceutical extraction gasoline (do not use motor gasoline).
Glycerin (bought at pharmacies) which dissolves some organic impurities.

Wash your hands and coins in alcohol after working with glycerin.Detergent, milder (for silk linen) – a larger spoonful of detergent is added to a glass of water and boiled, and then we put our old dirty coins individually in boiling water and cook for two to three minutes.

Cleaning with Baking Soda

This is also a way that produces good results!

Two bags of baking soda should be poured into the pot with very little water.

Cook and let it boil with the money inside, the results will amaze you!

Cleaning with Toothpaste

Toothpaste is also a good fighter against stubborn dirt on your old dirty coins!

The toothpaste should be placed on each coin individually, enough to cover the whole coin and leave it for an hour, after that make sure to wash the paste well and the results will be great, if the stains are stubborn, repeat the procedure!

However, care should be taken not to remove from the old coin that layer that actually speaks to the age of the coin, which can happen when using acid.

The simplest way to prevent from this is to boil the coins in hot water and then slowly remove dirt with a toothpick.

Here’s how to clean coins made of copper

Coins made of copper are considered to be the most complicated, so you should carefully choose appropriate method.

You can use vinegar and soap! You can also use Vaseline oil!

It is necessary to cook your old dirty coins in this product until contamination is gone.

At the end of the process rinse them with alcohol and wipe with a cloth!

How to clean coins made of brass

Thick soap solution and citric acid can be very effective, but should not be used for longer than five minutes, afterwards, be sure to rinse the coins with water.

These are some of the ways, that have proven successful in my case on how to clean coins!

I hope you’ll find them helpful too!

Just be careful when using this cleaning agents!