How to Clean False Lashes

If you are anything like me, you don’t go anywhere without your lashes glued on and looking flawless. However, they can dirty very quickly by doing this.

I tend to wait for a day that I know I am not leaving the house or going anywhere to clean them. This way no one sees me with my au natural lashes.

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The first thing that I would say needs to be done when cleaning your fake lashes would be removing them from your lids. Remember to do this gently, as plenty of people have taken their real lashes off alongside their real ones.

I personally use sectioned off lashes, so I recommend taking them off one by one, and not in one go. I then make sure to clean the glue off of my eye before I clean my fake lashes.

For this next part, you can either use rubbing alcohol or a non-oil based make-up remover. I tend to use both options, just to make sure that the gunk is off.

I lay my fake lashes on a paper towel and first squirt some make-up remover on a cotton swab or ball. Swabs work better in my opinion because you can work out the small build-up, instead of just washing it all at once.

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Since I use the pre-sectioned fake lashes, I don’t have to do this part, but when I had used the one-piece lashes, I mentally sectioned off the piece so that I could work to clean each individual part as best I could.

Be sure to work on the band as well as possible, as I find that my eyelash band gets very dirty. I work from the band down to the tip so I don’t mess up the craftsmanship of the lashes.

With the make-up remover, I tend to be slightly rough on my fake lashes. This is because I want my lashes to look good, and if there is still mascara or gunk on there, I will feel it weighing down my lids.

I am not hard on them, as I don’t want them to break, but slight scrubbing works wonders for cleaning them. Rubbing off the mascara makes sure that all of the clumps or hidden mascara is removed.

Once I am done with the make-up remover, I do a once over, some times a twice over, with rubbing alcohol to make sure that it is clean and disinfected as best as I could.

Before the rubbing alcohol dries, I then take a cotton ball with warm water and wipe off the fake lashes. Having dried alcohol near your eyes can emit fumes that could make your eyes sting. Wiping it off will prevent that, while still giving a nice clean.

I let my lashes air dry, but I don’t put them near a fan or blow dry them as I have heard some people do. I put them somewhere safe where everyday life with others in the house won’t mess with them.

In my room on a dresser away from windows and doors tends to be my go-to. Once they are dry and clean, I put them in a safe place and I don’t use them for the rest of my stay at home day, just to make sure they are learning and ready for the nest day.