How to Clean Glass Top Stove Burnt On

Getting my oven back to its original look may take a little effort, but doesn’t cost me a lot of money. I invested some money in a black stove top that is easy to clean and usually use an all-purpose cleaner to remove a smudge or crumbs.

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Wiping out an electric stove top after every use can be helpful. Here is the cleaning process:

Use Vinegar

I usually let all the burners to cool down and then spray the surface of my stove with vinegar. Then I use a damp cloth to wipe it and remove any degrease or debris that might be stuck to the surface. While any cleaning agent can be used, vinegar is always on hand and cheap.

Use Baking Soda

Sprinkling baking soda over the glass stove is a natural way to clean kitchen appliances. Baking soda helps breakdown grime and grit that might have built up over time. It also makes scrubbing more effective and ensures that my kitchen appliances remain scratch-free.

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Cover the Stove with a Wet Towel

Fill the sink or a bucket with hot water and dip a cloth in to dampen. Then wring it out and place it on glass cookpot and make sure it covers the entire surface. I either use one large towel or two smaller pieces of clothing. Then I leave the towel on the stove top for up to 15 minutes and allow it to loosen and soak the grime that might have accumulated.

Scrub with Homemade Cleaning Paste

I also use mild abrasive and elbow grease to clean glass stove top. Then I rinse a piece of clothing or towel and use it to wipe the oven until no vinegar or baking soda is left on the surface.

Scrape with a Razor Blade

Regardless of how careful I am when cooking, burnt-on jam or sauce will likely be left on the black stove top.

However, I usually use a razor blade to scrape any stubborn jam or sauce while the cooktop is still damp. I start by scraping each spot at a time and be a little gentle to avoid scratching the glass surface.

I sometimes opt for a graspable razor blade for safe, effective, and easy use. When used the right way, a razor blade can help maintain that sparkling look of a glass cooktop. However, I am always keen to check the manufacturer’s instructions before I use a razor to scrape my glass cooktop.

I also make sure the surface cool down before using a razor blade. I use vinegar or soda baking to soften burnt-on residue before scraping a glass cooktop with a razor. It is crucial to hold the blade properly and scrub the surface gently to avoid scratches. The blade should be as flat as possible.

Whether it is routine cleaning or general-cleaning after an event, these tips can help keep a kitchen tidy. I prefer contacting an upholstery service near me whenever I need guidance on how to clean a black stove top. After all, we all want to keep our kitchen space neat and habitable.