Two Easy Ways to Clean a Hairbrush

It’s important to keep our hair fresh and clean. We may take for granted how our hairbrushes affect our hair and scalp health, neglecting to clean brushes and combs. But regularly washing our brushes can prevent fungal infections as well as lice and mite infestation.

Cleaning your hairbrush also saves money in the long term. If you properly maintain a good quality brush, it will last you for years, possibly even decades. Maintenance is simple and quick. All you have to do is learn how to clean a hairbrush once to keep your hair healthy.

Clean your hair brush!

When you brush your hair, you take along loose strands and any hair product you have used. These materials accumulate in your brush and eventually make it difficult for the brush to perform. The dandruff and hair product built up in the bristles are reintroduced into your hair ecosystem every time you use it. Pests also love dirty brushes, planting their eggs for unsuspecting victims.

To prevent this, let’s talk about how to clean a hairbrush. Personally, I’ve used these two easy methods to clean my hairbrushes.

Soak n’ comb Method

This cleans the best in my experience. Soaking your brushes keeps bristles strong and smelling great. It works great for heavy-bristled brushes that haven’t been cleaned in a while.

To begin, fill a bowl (or your bathroom sink) with hot water, adding a few drops of shampoo. The soapy water will disinfect the brush and loosen up any gunk caught at the paddle.

When done soaking, remove the brush. Take your comb and begin combing out what remains in the bristles. You may be surprised by how much hair and dirt is packed inside your brush (I always was!). You’ll know you are finished when you can see the paddle behind the bristles and the comb runs through smoothly.

After combing, let your brush dry. Next time you use it should feel as good as new!

Pen/Pencil Method

This method works well for brushes with spacious bristles that aren’t as packed with dirt.

Taking the tip of a pen or pencil, work your way down the brush, going underneath any hair inside. Then lift the hair upwards and remove the hair with the pen/pencil or your fingers. Alternatively you can use the rat tail end of a comb.

Rinse out the paddle and bristles afterwards with warm, soapy water. Let it dry, and you’re finished. Either method shouldn’t take more than an hour and requires no extra purchases on your part.

So Fresh and So Clean

Clean hairbrushes help us maintain a positive self image in public. In addition, we save money in the long term by taking care of our possessions. If you learn how to clean a hairbrush sooner than later, you will reap the benefits of beautiful, straight locks and a fresh-feeling scalp.