How to Clean White Walls Fast and Without Damaging Paint?

Make Your Walls Look Like Newly Painted!ContentsMake Your Walls Look Like Newly Painted!A Super Simple ApproachCleaning Latex PaintCleaning Oil-Based PaintHow to Clean White BaseboardsOld-School CleanersHow Do You Use Foam Magic Erasers?Professional Grade Cleaners WARNING!  You’ve done a great job to get your walls to look perfect. However, you can’t stop walls from collecting dust or […]

How to Clean White Dresses, Shirts, and Jackets?

Everybody loves to look fabulous in an all-white outfit. Luckily, there are few tactics that you can incorporate to ensure that white dresses, jackets, and t-shirts are looking white. If the clothes happen to get somehow grey, yellowed and dull, there are ways of restoring their brightness. Three Steps To Keep White Clothes WhiteContentsThree Steps To […]

How to Clean White Canvas Shoes Without Turning Them Yellow

Your canvas shoes became dirty, and you are looking for the best way to solve this with some items you already have around the house, here is a technique that works with most fabric sneakers. Cleaning Canvas Shoes: Basic RecommendationsContentsCleaning Canvas Shoes: Basic Recommendations3-Step Canvas Shoes Cleaning ProcessStep 1. Dry BrushingStep 2. WashingStep 3. DryingCanvas […]

How to Clean White Suede Shoes Safely

Summer is the perfect season for wearing suede shoes. You don’t worry about getting your favorite suede sneakers soaked in the rain or dirt. Types of Suede FabricsContentsTypes of Suede FabricsDefend Your Suede Sneakers From Damage5 Steps to Clean Suede Sneakers The Proper WayStep 1. No-no to waterStep 2. Cleaning Loose Dirt & Stubborn MarksStep […]

The Best Way Possible to Clean White Nike Sneakers

Nike sneakers are famous for cutting-edge design, technological materials, and irresistible comfort. 10 Easy Steps To Keep White Nike Sneakers CleanContents10 Easy Steps To Keep White Nike Sneakers CleanStep 1. Use a Waterproof Solution and a ProtectorStep 2. Use Non-Alcohol Wipes Step 3. Weekly Mild Cleaning RoutineStep 4. Regularly Wash LacesStep 5. Wash SolesStep 6. […]

8 Methods To Keep Your White Skechers Clean

We all love a brand new pair of Skechers. Classic style and outstanding comfort make them the perfect casual shoes for everyone. Add a touch of glamour to casual look wearing white Skechers with stitching and overlay accents. EDITOR’S CHOICE: Top 10 Sneakers Reviewed in 2020 How to Make Your Skechers Sneakers Last LongerContentsHow to […]

How To Keep White Sneakers Clean

White sneakers are a staple of any wardrobe but let’s be honest keeping them clean is a hassle. Many people usually end up replacing them rather than trying to clean. Basic Rules For Keeping Sneakers White ContentsBasic Rules For Keeping Sneakers White How to Clean White Leather SneakersMethod 1. Baking SodaMethod 2. Magic EraserMethod 3. […]

How to Take Care of Your All White Vans Shoes?

White Vans are classics of the sneaker lifestyle. However, being completely white, canvas shoes get dirty very quickly and easily. If you wear sneakers every day, then you should know how the dirty streets do your worst. Quick 1-2-3 Guide On Canvas Shoe CleaningContentsQuick 1-2-3 Guide On Canvas Shoe CleaningHow To Wash White Canvas Vans […]

How to Take Care of Your White Keds

Canvas classic shoes for more than one hundred years, the Keds have become a wardrobe essential. White Keds are comfortable, stylish, and fortunately, super easy to clean. SPECIAL REPORT: Top 10 Sneakers Reviewed in 2020 How to Quickly Treat Fresh Stains on KedsContentsHow to Quickly Treat Fresh Stains on KedsThe Easiest Way To Clean White Keds […]