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How To Clean Birkenstocks

Sandal season is rapidly approaching (if it hasn’t already arrived where you live). I always take out my sandals and prep them for the busy days ahead, giving them a deep clean before the season starts. My favorite pair happens to be a pair of Birkenstocks. Here’s how to clean Birkenstocks! EDITOR’S CHOICE: How to […]

How to Clean Nike Shoes – White or Colored

Nike sneakers are famous for cutting-edge design, technological materials, and irresistible comfort. 10 Easy Steps To Keep White Nike Sneakers Clean Most of Nike shoes are made of natural or synthetic leather and textile upper. Foam and rubber are used for soles. EDITOR’S CHOICE: Top 10 Sneakers Reviewed in 2020 So, it makes the cleaning process […]

How to Wash White Vans Shoes

White Vans are classics of the sneaker lifestyle. However, being completely white, canvas shoes get dirty very quickly and easily. If you wear sneakers every day, then you should know how the dirty streets do your worst. Quick 1-2-3 Guide On Canvas Shoe Cleaning We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to maintaining box-fresh canvas shoes […]