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How to Clean Tennis Shoes

Tennis is a fantastic athletic sport. It provides great aerobic exercise as you will be running around constantly trying to outpace your rival. To really shine on the court, you have probably bought some decent tennis shoes to improve your footwork. EDITOR’S CHOICE: How to Clean White Canvas Shoes Without Turning Them Yellow All that sweat, […]

How To Clean Birkenstocks

Sandal season is rapidly approaching (if it hasn’t already arrived where you live). I always take out my sandals and prep them for the busy days ahead, giving them a deep clean before the season starts. My favorite pair happens to be a pair of Birkenstocks. Here’s how to clean Birkenstocks! EDITOR’S CHOICE: How to […]

How to Clean Your White Shoes – Canvas, Leather, Suede, Mesh or Fabric

We absolutely love to have white sneakers in a wardrobe. They really work well with everything in your closet ranged from dresses to jeans; bold fashion is to wear white sneakers even with a suit. Think of the white shoes as an essential wardrobe item to build the foundation of your awesome outfit. However, keeping […]

How to Clean Suede Shoes

Summer is the perfect season for wearing suede shoes. You don’t worry about getting your favorite suede sneakers soaked in the rain or dirt. Types of Suede Fabrics When buying a new pair of suede shoes, we should distinguish genuine leather suede and microsuede, a type of polyester microfiber. SPECIAL REPORT: Top 10 Sneakers Reviewed in […]