The Best How To Clean Tips

The Best How To Clean Tips

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Welcome to How To Clean White. Here we share tips and advice on how to clean every aspect of your home, garden (including shed), garage, path and driveways, tools, equipment and so much more. We aim to provide simple, practical and effective solutions that get professional cleaning solution results. We also try to tackle those little niggly, things like stains in clothing, gum on chairs and how get velcro fasteners working again. And all of this with products, you most likely keep in your home, that are safe, effective, budget conscious and better for you and the planet.

A clean home is a happy home. Here we show you how to clean your kitchens, bathrooms, fixtures, fittings, fabrics and ornaments to keep them all looking great.

Garage and Shed projects are great. Clean tools and equipment that are maintained and ready to go, make life so much easier. There is no stopping you. See our how to clean tools and equipment advice here.

How many pairs of hands handle games, toys and gadgets around the home? Sticky food, slopped drinks … let’s show you how to keep them all clean and the family healthy.

Looking good makes us all feel great. It starts with clean appliances, brushes, clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories. We show you ways to keep them all in great shape, so you can look and feel at your best.

Helpful Resources


Eco Cleaning Products

For many of us, trying to our bit fof the planet is important. Here we provide links to cleaning products that either are beneficial to the planet, do no harm or the companies involved in manufacture and distribution make every effort to limit their impact.

DIY Cleaning Solutions

DIY Cleaning Recipes

Coming Soon! We will bring you a range of DIY cleaning solutions that are simple to make, get effective results and are practical to use and store.

Your health and the planet’s are important to us, so we will also try to provide the many Eco friendly options we discover as well


ReUse - Repair -Recycle

We try to plant trees under whose shade we may never sit. The future health of the planet starts with us. When all else fails and things just have to go, some of these may help avoid them heading for the trash and landfill option

Note: If the item you are cleaning is unique, valuable or both eg: artworks, seek professional advice before cleaning. The advice provided here is for general home cleaning and maintenance, of items that you use in and around your home. Simple, practical and effective cleaning solutions, to maintain, health, function and happiness.