For all times white outfit and interior designs impress with its chic style. It works for any occasion, light and bright appearance for casual summer events and absolutely stunning for wintertime. White color looks luxurious in interior decoration and car designs.

However, when it comes to cleaning, it is typically a challenging task to determine what works best to keep white color brilliant and vibrant. For instance, white dresses, shoes, jackets, t-shirts, and purses are regularly prone to becoming discolored, yellowed and stained. Due to this aspect, it can be tricky to ensure that these clothes are pure white at all times.

With the right attention and care, of course, you can guarantee that your white outfit is bright and white without fading their overall appearance and quality.


Cleaning white gear is also not a walk in the park. Some tactics work just fine, and there are those that could even harm your white color things. I’ve put together some most effective strategies that you can use to make sure that your white shoes, clothes, purses, walls, car seats, dresses, jackets, and t-shirts are sparkling white.

Basic Rules For Keeping Sneakers White

Sneakers are incredibly comfortable, white Converse, Keds, and Vans look fashionable and add chic to your a lovely laidback appearance. But yes, they might get filthy within the first couple of uses, or even worse if you happened to wear your kicks in the rain.

How to Clean White Leather Sneakers

I believe you are ready to try methods that really work to keep your leather sneakers clean. The Internet is full of homemade remedies and professional solutions. Always make a test on a hidden area of your kicks before trying any solution.

Although many people claim no problem with Natural Whiteners like baking soda, apple cider vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide, there might be factors combining with bleaching that can damage your white shoes: oxidation, direct sunlight, or abrasion.

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How to Clean White Canvas Shoes

Many people consider Machine Washing the best method to clean white canvas shoes. This method makes your white sneakers maintain their color, and your shoes look like new each time you wear them.

Although machine washing is easy and straight-forward, keep in mind that choosing the proper detergent, washing cycle, and drying can be crucial in safe care for canvas shoes.

Check our detailed Guide on How to Clean White Fabric Shoes.

Get White Suede Shoes Clean

There are two types of suede fabrics that usually sneakers are made of. Natural suede is a very gentle material, not water-resistant and requires extra care.

Learn how to clean suede a proper way. Here are five simple steps to clean loose dirt, remove stubborn marks, and get rid of 10 most common types of stains from your favorite suede sneakers.


Top White Sneakers Brands: Care Guide


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How to Clean White Walls and Furniture

White walls are incredibly prone to dust, smudges and dirty strains. If you want to clean your white walls, the method used to clean them is based on whether they are oil or latex-based paint.

Latex-based paint should be cleaned with all-purpose cleaner and water. Oil-based paint walls, on the other hand, should be cleaned with mild degreaser and vinegar. Read further to find out how to ensure that your white walls are clean at all times.

How to Clean White Car Seats

White car seats look fantastic. The truth is you have to put great effort to maintain light-colored car seats clean and polished. Learn how to keep clean and enjoy the light-colored car interior with our quick White Car Seats Care Guide.

Thank you for staying with me. I will keep this blog updated with more method tests and product reviews. Feel free to share your personal experience with our community.