The Best How To Clean Tips

The Best How To Clean Tips

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How to Clean a Coffee Maker Fast

If you are an avid lover of coffee and can’t believe how anyone can go a day without it, you must appreciate coffee machines as well.

But what happens if, one day, instead of a tasty brewed coffee you’ll end up drinking a bitter and unpleasant one?

You are both shocked and upset while contemplating as to what may have happened to a coffee maker.

And the explanation for that is pretty simple.

Why Does Your Coffee Tastes Bitter?


  • Why Does Your Coffee Tastes Bitter?
  • The Easiest Way To Clean a Coffee Maker

As soon as you notice unpleasant changes in the way your brewed coffee tastes, it implies that the coffee machine needs more attention.

Because the reason your coffee tastes bitter and funky is connected to the state of your coffee machine.

In other words, the conditions of your coffee machine affect the taste of your brewed coffee.

And in order to transform your coffee maker back to its best initial state, you only need one thing – a little cleaning.

Cleaning will aid in maintaining freshness, preventing staining as well as removing hard water spots.

Additionally, It will help you in removing mineral buildup as well as cleaning out all the coffee oils which usually get left behind.

But the problem is many people don’t know how to clean a drip coffee maker both simply and effectively.

But do not worry – it is much easier than you can imagine.

The Easiest Way To Clean a Coffee Maker

Cleaning your coffee maker and returning it to its former glory is simple as all you need are several basic things.

They are: water, hot soapy water, dry dish towel, damp dish towel, sponge and white vinegar(the amount which will fill up half of the carafe).

As for the direct instructions, they are also easy to follow.

  • Start by emptying both the carafe and grounds. Proceed by rinsing the carafe and dumping out any coffee grounds which are left in the filter.
  • Now it’s time to make your own cleaning solution: You’ll need one part vinegar to one part water.
  • Then proceed by pouring the solution into a water chamber and fill the water chamber to its maximum capacity with equal amounts of white vinegar and water.

Tip: you can use the carafe for measuring equal parts of water and vinegar.

  • Proceed by running a half brew cycle. Midway through a brew cycle, make sure to turn off your coffee maker, letting it sit there for an hour.
  • Finish a brew cycle: After an hour has passed, turn on your coffee maker and ensure that it finishes the brew cycle.
  • Then discard the vinegar-water solution and start running a fresh water cycle.
  • After a brew cycle is finished, pour out your vinegar-water solution and proceed by filling a water chamber with fresh water(without vinegar).
  • Run a new brew cycle with this water. Then repeat two more times to allow your coffee maker to cool between brews.
  • Finally, it’s now time to wipe down your coffee maker. Wipe down the exterior and wash both the carafe and filter basket in soapy, hot water.

And congratulations! All there is left to do now is to reassemble it and finally make and taste a delicious coffee you deserve.

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