How To Clean a Mattress

Over time, I have learned many things about cleaning and grooming, especially in something as eccentric and delicate as the place where we sleep.

So I have tried to learn everything about how to clean a mattress, according to everything I have researched is vital to clean the mattress where we sleep.

There are some insects called mites that look for mattresses to make their habitat, they are so small that even if you are looking at you can’t see them, and they represent a danger to our health.

I have learned many methods to clean the mattress, and believe me that the best way is to select the right method for each situation, according to the stains, the mites, the humidity, etc.

For each case there is a method that at least to me has been more effective than another, so I will talk about some of the most effective.

How to clean a mattress with baking soda

The process of cleaning the mattress with baking soda I use it especially for pee stains, and I have small children, so this method is essential for me, also for moisture stains and vomiting, besides everything is very simple to do.

How do I do this cleaning?

  • I pour a cup of bicarbonate over the area that is stained with the pee
  • Then over the bicarbonate, I pour some water
  • With a small brush, I make with circular movements the cleaning of the stain, I always take care not to exceed the force of the brush to not damage the seams of the mattress, nor the fiber of its fabric.
  • After this I cover the area with a plastic, and I let the mixture make its effect during about 5 hours.
  • When that time is up, I turn on the vacuum and vacuum over the area of the stain, until there is no trace of the baking soda mixture with the water, and the mattress no longer feels wet in that area.

Use this same procedure with toppers if they have also been stained by urine.

How to Clean a Mattress with Lemon

When the spots are a little more rebellious, I opt for this method that has given me excellent results, I do it this way:

  • In a pot I put to boil an approximate liter of water.
  • In a container I pour the juice of two lemons.
  • When the water is boiling I add the juice of the two lemons and turn off the heat.
  • Once this mixture cools down, I pour it in a container with atomizer.
  • I spray the liquid on the affected part of the mattress.
  • I wait a few minutes and with a brush, I rub the area with caution to avoid damaging the mattress tissue.
  • After this I wait about 4 hours, and place the mattress where it receives air to dry.

Clean a Mattress with Vinegar and Baking Soda

When my mattresses are stained with sweat I use this practical process:

  • In a container with atomizer I pour a sufficient amount of vinegar.
  • I apply with the atomizer the vinegar on the stains of the mattress and I wait 5 minutes.
  • After this time, I pour over the vinegar baking soda.
  • This combination will effervesce, once it stops, I wait for the mattress to dry.
  • With the vacuum cleaner, I vacuum the affected area until it is completely dry

I comment that with this method, I manage to additionally eliminate the bad odors that have the mattress.

The Way to Remove Blood Stains

This happens in my house very often, blood stains on the mattresses, something that I consider normal without going into detail, what I’ve done most to successfully remove it is the use of hydrogen peroxide, I do it this way:

  • With a medium-sized wipe I fill it with oxygenated water
  • On the bloodstain, I rub the cloth with the oxygenated water in circular movements and firmly, until I no longer see the stain.
  • I wait until the mattress is dry and the stain is removed.

Finally, I recommend something I often do to keep the mattresses in my house in good condition, and above all, clean:

  • Monthly I lift the mattresses from the beds and let them carry air, and with the vacuum cleaner I give them a deep vacuum on both sides.
  • Every time I notice a mattress is stained, I clean it with one of the methods I have named
  • Annually, we do a more thorough cleaning of all the mattresses at home, vacuum them very well, then spray them with vinegar all over their edges and surfaces, and then place them in the sun and let them air out for a whole day.