The Best How To Clean Tips

The Best How To Clean Tips

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How To Clean A Microwave Oven

I have been using microwave cooking for more than ten years and have mastered the art of cleaning the device because I am the person who needs to make sure that my device lasts longer and my food stays healthy and germ-free.

Over time, I have been able to finetune the process and will explain in as much clarity as possible. I use simple household stuff like lemons, baking soda, and vinegar to clean my microwave, and it makes my microwave work as efficiently as ever.


It is an obvious choice as a microwave can create steam easily. But moisture alone is not sufficient to loosen the grime. I started adding lemon slices and vinegar, and it worked wonders.

You can generally use either of them, but we should use both when it is too dirty. Two to three slices and a tablespoon of vinegar added to a cup of water will do the trick.

I also usually add 1 tbsp baking soda as it is effective in removing the foul odor. Make sure to stir it well before heating.

There is a little caution to be used here. We need to put a wooden spoon to avoid the; else, it may burst due to the water bowl’s superheating.

Heat the water at a high setting for five minutes and another five minutes to let the steam loosen the grime.


You need to wait for about five minutes as the bowl will be too hot. Carefully remove the bowl and then the turntable. We can easily clean it from both sides.

Now we need to scrub all the interior sides of the microwave. Take a sponge or a soft cloth to clean with soapy water. Clean every nook and corner. Dip a soft cloth in the cleansing solution lightly and scrub all around.

Now use a dry cloth to clean the interiors of the microwave oven. At the time of cooking, the food particles splatter in all directions. Clean all the sides thoroughly, including the glass door.


I usually clean my microwave oven regularly, but sometimes during vacations or otherwise, we miss the cleaning, and some stains turn horrible. I had a tough time cleaning such stains after my long break about five years back.

Here I will share the formula for how to clean a microwave oven for removing such tough stains. Mix baking soda with just the right amount of water to make it a paste to spread quickly. Rubbing this paste helps a lot.

You might notice Yellow Stains after years of use. They get stronger when you don’t clean regularly. I use acetone nail polish remover to remove these stubborn stains easily.

We need to use some cotton soaked in nail polish remover. After cleaning, you can use a damp cloth to remove the strong smell of nail polish remover itself.

Sometimes, we may need to remove scorch marks. Once I had cooked popcorns with a new recipe. I used a simple method and soaked a sponge in vinegar and sprinkled baking soda on the sponge and scrubbed the area.


No cleaning is complete unless it is an all-round cleaning. To clean your microwave from outside, you can use simple cleaning methods. Make sure to unplug the device and take care of the electrical component area.

I have a habit of cleaning the outside portion with a soapy solution. Spend a little extra time to clean the display panel, glass, and handle, etc. Make sure to rinse the cloth in clean water and wring it and clean it again. We need to repeat the process so that the soap does not dry on the surface.

I use a disinfectant spray on a cloth and then clean the dirtier spots on the outside. Take special care not to spray on the venting system. Finally, use a lint-free cloth to dry the microwave oven surface and get a shiny look.

Congratulations! Your microwave is now clean and healthy to cook safely. Once you know how to clean a microwave, the device’s life will increase by regular cleaning. Happy Cleaning!

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