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The Best How To Clean Tips

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How to Clean A Camera Lens

Cameras have become such an integral part of human society. We use cameras every single day, from selfies to presidential speeches. The truth is, cameras have changed how we act as a race. So powerful is this technology that it can sway the emotions of entire nations.

However, you aren’t going to be swaying much if your camera lens is dirty or scratched. When lens get like that, the quality of your pictures suffers, and that high megapixel count suddenly doesn’t matter anymore. Here we show you how to clean a camera lens.


  • Methods for Cleaning Your Camera Lens
  • Microfiber or Lint-free Cloth
    • Lens Brush
    • Lens Wipes
    • Lens Blower
  • Keeping Your Camera Clean

Methods for How to Clean A Camera Lens

Camera lenses are covered with very fine and sensitive coatings. Using any abrasive material like a cotton shirt is likely to damage them. There are several methods to clean your camera lens. These are easy and simple; no professional help needed. You will find these methods remove dust without damaging the lens.

Brushing the lens with the wrong fabric or pushing dust over it, can cause those permanent small scratches we mentioned earlier. Camera lenses are sensitive, and any blemishes you think are not there will indeed show up when you review your photos in detail. Cleaning the lens is also key in keeping your camera operational, as dust can stiffen the components.

Here are some examples of how to clean camera lens, using:

  • a microfiber or lint-free cloth
  • a lens brush
  • a lens wipe
  • a lens blower

Microfiber or Lint-free Cloth

Using a microfiber cloth over your t-shirt is very important because the small particles of dust can actually scratch the lens. Always use a microfiber or lint-free cloth when removing dust from your camera lens.

You can also use camera lens cleaning solution, easily found at any photographers’ outlet, to give it a clean sheen. Spray the solution on to your micro fibre cloth and then wipe the lens. Do not spray the lens. Be sure that it is purposed for camera lens, as the improper solution will erode its protective coating. As you may guess, this is a great method for removing smudges or oil from your lens.

Lens Brush

A lens brush allows you to get into the tough corners that is difficult with a cloth. Typically this would be used before wiping, as you cannot brush off smudges so easily. But the bristles can get into tight crevices in the camera’s components.

You can twist the brush or use slow, gentle strokes to sweep out dust. You will want to avoid jamming the bristles into the lens as this could damage your brush and make it less effective.

Lens Wipes

These are quite useful if you find yourself out on the road and in need of a cleaning. Lens wipes are specifically designed to clean off your lens every single time. Make sure the wipes you use explicitly state they are to be used for lenses.

Lens Blower

A quirky little device, a lens blower does as it says: it is a manual blower that ends with a small opening, allowing for meticulous cleaning. A great alternative if you do not have a brush.

Keeping Your Camera Clean

The best way to keep your camera clean is to always place it in its bag or some type of protective covering when you are not using it. Always carry the lens cover with you when taking your camera on trips. You also have to protect the cleaning tools. The brush and lint-free cloth should be placed in a plastic bag or a case where it will not collect dust when you are not using it. Follow these steps, and you can capture your memories with great fidelity.

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