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The Best How To Clean Tips

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how to clean a cpap machine

How To Clean A CPAP Machine



You will need warm water, a mild dish soap of your choice, dry towels, and distilled white vinegar. You will also need space to let your equipment air dry, so bear that in mind as you begin your cleaning process.

Cleaning the Tubing

First, let’s start by cleaning your CPAP tubing. It’s recommended that you clean your tube/hose once a week to keep it free of mold and bacteria. Place your tube in warm water with a couple of drops of your dish washing liquid. Swirl it around, then rinse it with warm water. Hang it up to air dry completely before use.

Cleaning the mask

To clean your mask, you will need to disconnect it from the tubing and take it completely apart. The headgear portion of your CPAP can be cleaned at the same time as your mask, or separately. We recommend cleaning them at the same time to guarantee it gets done. Clean your mask and headgear in exactly the same way as before, using warm water and dish washing liquid swirled around to clean your gear. Make sure to rinse the items in clean water and let them completely air dry before you use them again. Your headgear may take longer to dry than other items, so keep that in mind.

Cleaning the Filters

Finally, you need to clean your CPAP filters. This part is dependent on what type of filter your particular machine uses. If you have disposable filters, no cleaning is required. Simply throw them away and replace them with new, clean filters as needed. We recommend once a week inline with your new CPAP cleaning routine. If you have reusable filters, wash them under warm water in your sink. Squeeze out any excess water and blot them dry with a clean towel . Be sure to let them fully air dry before your use them again to reduce mold and mildew build up in your machine.

Cleaning the CPCP Machine

For your actual machine, unplug it and wipe it down with a clean, lightly damped wash cloth or towel. Dry it off with a second dry towel and you are good to go! Be sure it’s totally dry before you plug it in and turn it back on again.

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