The Best How To Clean Tips

The Best How To Clean Tips

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How to Clean a Toaster

Toasters can be a lot of trouble once they are covered in crumbs and thus risk cockroaches and ants getting a free snack. However, there is a way to deal with that pesky problem once and for all by learning how to clean a toaster. A toaster oven is one of the most essential tools for a morning breakfast, so learning how to clean it is one of the most important parts on how to keep it lasting longer.

Cleaning the Toaster

  • Unplug the Toaster

The first thing you must do is to unplug the toaster, which is an obvious thing as you will be washing the cooking device.

I should not need to explain why you should unplug the toaster but to those who are wondering there is a huge electrical hazard and your house may also burn down.

Also this may completely destroy the toaster as well, making cleaning the device pointless.

  • Remove the Crumb Tray

Many toasters have a crumb tray that can be removed from the cooking device and cleaned separately. You can remove the crumb tray from the device, shake it to remove crumbs, and then begin to wash it afterwards.

You then proceed to scrub the crumb tray to make sure that there are no excess and once you are finished you place it in a place where you don’t lose it.

  • Cleaning a Toaster Oven if no Tray is Found

If your toaster has no oven tray then the next thing you must do is to shake the oven of any crumbs.

This alone should get most of the crumbs out and should prepare you for the next step, which is to scrub the inside of the toaster.

Make sure to have a newspaper to dump the crumbs into to avoid leaving a mess.

Cleaning the Toaster’s Wires

For this part you must get a brush and any form of disinfectant that is safe for humans and proceed to brush the insides of the toaster. You must first clean the wires to remove any crumbs that are stuck in its surface.

Make sure to shake the toaster again so more crumbs fall out and make the next step easier from there.

Cleaning the Insides

The next step is to brush the walls of the toaster to make sure that no crumbs are left inside of it. You should dampen the brush with any vinegar to disinfect the inside of the toaster for this part. Make sure scrub every single part of the toaster for this step.

Clean the Outside of the Toaster

After everything is done on the inside you must then clean the outside of the toaster, this can be done with a wet cloth or a sponge that won’t leave scratch marks.

Make sure to clean the toaster thoroughly and leave no stains on it which you then proceed to dry with another cloth. The cloth should also be damped with vinegar or baking soda in order to disinfect the toaster and remove stains.

How to Extend the Life of a Toaster

Maintaining your toaster- You must do these methods once a month in order to prevent having cockroaches in your house. This will also extend the life of your toaster and keep it clean and hygienic for a long time.

Remember, this is for you to also have a clean lifestyle so it is important for you to do this every month.

Emptying the Crumb Tray

The crumb tray should be cleaned once a week so any crumbs aren’t left to pile up and leave a bigger mess when you clean the entire oven once a month. This should be done to also prevent any build ups on the toaster and to prevent any clogging that may start a fire.

Cleaning the Exterior Frequently

You must clean the toaster from the outside frequently in order to leave an appearance of cleanliness and hygiene. You must also do this to remove any stains that may have build up on the device as well.


Maintaining a toaster is an important chore one must do in order to have a healthy lifestyle so it must be done as often as possible. Hopefully you learned a new skill to keep your house clean and safe from any pests and illnesses while maintaining a device that is important for the kitchen.

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