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The Best How To Clean Tips

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How to Clean Leather Furniture

It can be a daunting task to know how to clean leather furniture properly without damaging the leather. Just like you, I was full of worry the first time I needed to clean my leather sofa thanks to a spilled drink from one of my clumsy children. The worries of damaging my leather sofa even more than the drink already had become very apparent beforehand, but thankfully I found a way to properly clean the area without damaging the leather surface. A solution that I will continue to use when cleaning my leather sofa in the future.

So, if you’re desperate to know how to get rid of the stain on your leather sofa (or any other leather furniture for that matter) then don’t worry, I’m going to reveal exactly what I did down below.

Wipe away the dirt

Firstly you’re going to want to first rub away any loose dirt with a dry cloth – you COULD vacuum this area if you wanted to but I opted to clean it by hand with a dry microfiber cloth.

Prepare a cleaning solution

I have found that the more delicate the cleaning solution, the better. In many cases, using the wrong cleaning solution will result in you damaging the leather surface further. If you want to take no risks and follow what I use, then I’d suggest mixing a PH-balanced soap into a spray bottle.  You don’t need to spend your hard-earned money here; you’ll most probably already have this in your bathroom or washroom.

You could also make your own solution from a simple dilution of 50:50 white vinegar along with water. Though I personally didn’t use this when cleaning my leather furniture, friends who use this solution, swear by it. The diluted vinegar solution can also work on your upholstered furniture. Perhaps whilst you’re already cleaning your leather furniture, you could give your other furniture a clean.

Time to clean your leather furniture

Now with your new cleaning solution, all made up and ready to go, you’re ready to clean your leather furniture. This is the most nerve-racking part of the whole thing but trust me, your leather furniture will be looking spotless in no time.

  • You’re going to want two soft microfibre cloths at this point, one for applying the solution into your leather furniture and one for cleaning and drying up the areas later on.
  • Working from top to bottom, first spray your solution into your cloth, ensuring that it is damp but not soaking wet.
  • And then you’re going to want to gently rub down your leather furniture, just as i did with my leather sofa, ensuring that you apply the solution to every area.

Don’t forget the hard to reach corners!

Also, remember to keep reapplying the solution to your cloth as you see fit. Ensure that you are always rubbing down the leather with the solution. Also make sure you’re not rubbing it down with a soaking wet cloth as you could damage the surface very easily.

Dry your furniture off

With everything clean, it’s time to rub down and dry the surfaces. Whether you were cleaning the whole piece of furniture or just the patch that had the stain, we would recommend using a second microfiber cloth to do this (as we suggested earlier). There is no real right or wrong way to do this, you just want to make sure that the furniture is dry.

All Clean!

At this point, your leather surface should be clean and looking brand new again. You now know how to clean leather furniture the right way! Now that you know what sort of solution you need to remove stains from your leather surface, you can do so regularly. This way your leather furniture always looks at its best.

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