The Best How To Clean Tips

The Best How To Clean Tips

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How To Clean Phone Screen

I always had a problem, with the cleaning of the screen, every time I passed my fingers over the screen it would be stained. It is normal, as fingers produce grease constantly. It is the problem many have with these phones. So I set about finding how to clean phone screen.

As I am very clear that this happens to many people, I want to share with you the ways I found to solve this situation and I can assure you that they have given me very satisfactory results.

How to clean phone screen

The first thing to advise, you should never clean the phone screen with your shirt or your jeans, this really damages the screen. Also, never use alcohol or detergents of any kind. These substances causes serious damage to the layers that form the screen. And never throw water on it, you could lose the phone forever. Alcohol and detergents are caustic and destroy the oleophobic and hydrophobic layers on the screen of the smartphone.

Use the following method to clean your smartphone screen. It’s very easy, and can be done often.

  • Always use a special microfiber cloth. It is a very smooth textured cloth, you can buy them from an optician. They use them for cleaning thin lenses. Buy two. You will use one wet and one dry.
  • When the phone is very dirty, wet one of the wipes with distilled water. Squeeze it so that it is not moist, not dripping. Wipe it over the screen several times.

TIP: Instead of running the cloth under a tap. Use a container with an atomizer, to spray your microfibre. This gets just the right amount of dampness

  • Then use the other wipe, which you have kept dry. Slide it over the screen several times and it will glow.
  • Never pour water directly on the screen. This will most likely get into your phone and cause problems with your circuit boards.

How to clean phone screen before applying protector

  • Find a clean dust free table or space to work.
  • Have thing you will use ready.
    • Telephone,
    • protector
    • dry and wet microfiber cloths
    • container with atomizer and distilled water.
  • Wash your hands well, so that they are free of grease and dust
  • With the atomizer wet the first microfibre cloth. Wipe the entire surface of the phone screen, pressing gently to ensure a good clean.
  • Then with a dry microfibre, wipe it over the screen.
  • Repeat this several times if required. You can use another dry microfibre cloth to finish. The screen is now ready for the protector.

If you change the protector, you can repeat this whole process after removing the protector.

Clean phone screen with toothpaste

  • With a microfibre wipe moistened with distilled water, put a small amount of toothpaste on it. Make very gentle circular movements with the wipe over the entire surface of the screen.
  • Then use another microfibre wipe to clean the residue from the toothpaste. It can be damp if needed.
  • Finally, with a very dry microfibre cloth, clean the screen well. The result will be a shiny screen.

Do not rub the screen with any kind of paper napkins. Paper is composed of wood fibers and this causes scratches. You may not see these with the naked eye, but if you tilt the phone in the light, you will see the scratches. Each time you do this, you are destroying the touch material of the screen.

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