The Best How To Clean Tips

The Best How To Clean Tips

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How To Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring

So you just installed new flooring. You went with vinyl plank because you knew it was easy to maintain and would last a long time. But is there anything you should know to make sure you’re taking care of it correctly? Here are some tips on how to clean vinyl plank flooring!


When selecting a cleaning method and cleaner for your vinyl plank flooring, there are a few things to consider. First of all, make sure that you are using a cleaner that is neutral in terms of pH levels. Bleach and ammonia are high-pH and can cause lasting damage to your flooring.

You also need to be careful about how much water you allow to stand on on the vinyl. Standing water can actually stain or warp your vinyl plank flooring. However, we will cover how to remove stains later on should you need it.


Is there anything that vinegar can’t do? It is literally the most handy ingredient in my house. I use it for so many cleaning and baking projects that I make sure that I never run out!

Apple cider vinegar is the best vinegar to use for this project! The acidity helps remove grease and grime without leaving any residue behind that other cleansers can. However, it’s important that you never use vinegar at full strength, as it can cause some dulling of the finish which is irreversible.

For a simple vinegar-based cleaner, mix a gallon of water with one cup of apple cider vinegar. Take a mop, damp with your solution, and clean your floor. It’s important to rinse your mop out frequently with hot water during cleaning.

Now, if you’re looking to sanitize your floor instead of just clean it, you can swap out the apple cider vinegar with distilled white vinegar. You can also add a few drops of a gentle dish soap to the vinegar-water mixture. This will help get rid of any extra tough grime on your floors.

After applying the dish soap-vinegar-water solution, rinse out your mop and go back over your floors with a solution of just vinegar and water.


If you are looking to add a little more shine or polish to your vinyl plank flooring, you can also add a few drops of baby oil into your vinegar and water solution. This will help make your floors look bright and shiny in a snap! No need to rinse with water afterwards, either. Just remember to only use a damp mop, not a wet one.


While cleaning your floors, you may notice some scuffs or scratches. You can always try to buff it out lightly. If it’s a particularly large scuff, you can also apply a vinyl floor sealer after washing your floor.

Another trick that has become tried and true among home owners is taking a tennis ball on the end of a stick and rubbing it over the scuff. This will help remove the scuff easily with little pressure.

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