The Best How To Clean Tips

The Best How To Clean Tips

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How to Clean Windows

Windows are perfect alternatives to leave the environment more clean and modern. However, for this to be possible, they must be properly cleaned, free from any sign of dust or grease.

But this is where the classic questions arise: how to clean glass? How to clean window glass? How to clean glass without much effort and without damaging the glass window?

Doors, windows, tables, mirrors, tempered glass box … Whatever the type of glass in question, to clean these surfaces, you need to bet on a certain combination: specific products and some cards up your sleeve.

Clean windows on cloudy days

On a sunny day, it might also be more fun to wash the windows. On the other hand , the results of the mission won’t be that impeccable. It turns out that the sunlight hits the glass quicker on sunny days. This allows products for cleaning to evaporate and leave large stains on the surface.

The best thing is to wait for a gloomy day to devote yourself to this assignment. Or do it in the late afternoon if necessary.

Forget the old newspaper trick

Maybe you’ve heard the newspaper being a great ally in cleaning glass. But this is, in fact, just a big theory. Especially because if you run old newspapers over the glass surface, surely the paper would leave graphic print marks on the surface. And then you’ve seen it: Double job removing the stains!

The key of how to impeccably clean glass is precisely the combination of soft flannels with the right materials , in particular water and neutral detergent. Everything you need to do there is light, but accurate motions along the whole mirrored extension.

Use neutral detergent and glass cleaner

On the market the traditional glass cleaner is a strong ally for this mission. However, he does not always do the job alone, particularly if the glass is very dirty-as in the case of kitchens or barbecue areas, where the surfaces are more exposed to fat vapor.

The combination of water + neutral detergent is the ideal pair to guarantee optimal cleaning in these cases. If the windows can not be cleaned, dilute a few drops of the liquid in water and clean this solution with the aid of a soft flannel soaked in.

Perhaps for optimal results you need to repeat the procedure. Then just rinse and dry with a cloth that is dry, soft and lint-free. For a better finish, you can supplement the job with the glass cleaner if you wish.

However, regardless of the materials used, never spray the substance directly onto the surface, as this leaves stains that can stain the glass or make it opaque in addition to making it difficult to clean.

Escape solvent-based products

Glass is a porous surface and, thus, has no tolerance to the action of products based on solvents, such as soap, acids and alcohol. So, when it comes to cleaning your windows, do not even suggest doing a test when running away from this form of product.

This is because the formulation of solvents is relentless, especially in wooden frames, such as doors and windows, sacrificing not only the surface of the glass, but also the finishing of the material.

Prefer microfibre cloths

Soft sponges and micro-fibre cloths, particularly when it comes to glass, are excellent allies for household cleaning. The sponge will remove all dust and grease from the surface, while the microfibre cloth dries fast, evenly and without lint.

Also good bets are double-sided squeegees which are those with washing sponge and drying fabric. Whatever the products, though, the greatest care you can take is not to use the sponge’s abrasive hand-the popular “green hand.” After all, the abrasive face is capable of scratching or damaging the glass however soft the sponge can appear.

Combine vertical and horizontal movements

The glass cleaning manuals can also suggest that you only use the cloth in one direction. Yes, in addition to not encouraging uniform drying, we accept that insisting on spontaneous motions ends up creating spots on the floor.

A trick few individuals know about, however, is that the combination of horizontal and vertical motions works! In practice, it is very simple: with vertical movements, clean one side of the window and the other side with horizontal movements. It’s lit up and down. But remember: The movement must be continuous and precise to guarantee the result.

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