How To Clean a Chimney

A house with a fireplace increases its value and attractiveness, in these times when winter is approaching, having a fireplace brings many benefits.

The fuel used by the fireplace is wood, and it is much more economical to use wood to heat the house, than to use electricity or gas, which generates substantial savings to our budget.

Another advantage that a fireplace provides is the case when there is an electrical failure, or if the heating is by gas there can be failures in the gas supply, with the wood feeding our fireplace we will not have to worry.

Having the fireplace at home requires care and maintenance, it is necessary to perform cleaning from time to time, to avoid dirt inside the house caused by the soot that is released from the combustion of wood.

But how to perform effectively this cleaning?

How to clean a chimney?

I’m going to tell you the procedure we use in my home every time we clean the chimney. When we make daily use of the chimney, and how to clean a chimney at least once a week.

The first thing we do is prepare everything we use in the cleaning, at home we use these implements:

  • Brushes, big, small and one wire brush
  • Metallic shovel
  • Broom with long handle
  • Long end with a rag tied at the end
  • Spatulas
  • Cremor tartare, vinegar, baking soda and water
  • Recipient with atomizer and a large container without lid
  • Coffee brewing residue
  • Toilet bags
  • Cap and Lenses

The experience in this type of cleaning allows me to advise of how to clean a chimney so that you have a plastic or canvas material, large enough, to cover the area around the fireplace, so that the area near the fireplace is not filled with soot and you have to do more work than expected.

When I have to do this kind of cleaning, I wear a strong, long-sleeved cloth panty to protect me from any scratches, and so that my skin does not get sooty, and I put on my cap and glasses.

Particularly when I go to do this cleaning, I use neoprene gloves, the coating on these gloves gives me more efficient protection than any other type of gloves, in addition they are more durable than those made of other materials.

We take out all the wood that is still in the fireplace, if it is half-burnt we store it with the other wood to use it again.

We throw the residues of the coffee brewing in the ashtray, the lowest part of the chimney, this we do with the purpose of settling the dust of the soot, so that when sweeping it does not raise its particles.

With the small brush, we sweep well the area of the ashtray, and we are taking out with the metal shovel the residues throwing them in a toilet bag

Then we continue with the top of the ashtray, which is known as home, also pass the small brush to remove the remains of soot, with the spatula scrape all the walls and areas of the home, and finish this area by passing the wire brush through the areas of more complicated access.

Secondly with the wire brush, we give a good brushing to the throat that connects the fireplace with the pipe of the chimney.

With the long end brush we insert it in the tube and sweep well making turns so that all the soot residues come out inside the tube.

All these residues fall back into the ashtray, so we give a new sweep, and with the wire brush we finish the cleaning of the ashtray, throwing all the residues into the toilet bags.

At this moment we prepare the liquid to clean, we pour in the nozzle 2 liters of water and add the cream of tartar, baking soda and vinegar.

We filled the container with atomizer of this liquid, and we spread the liquid by all the places of the chimney.

The remaining liquid in the tuff is poured from the chimney into the tube.

In my particular case I let this liquid act for about 30 minutes.

To finish the cleaning I use warm water with a cloth and I rub all the areas of the chimney at hand, to do it in the tube I use the long line with the cloth tied at the end, after all this, I pass a dry cloth by all the areas where I make the cleaning.

Knowing how to clean a chimney, provides a pleasant well-being, and exalts the pleasure of enjoying the smell of fire inside the house, the sound of the crackling of the wood with the fire is relaxing to the ears, and see the wood burning on a cold night is a warmth that comforts our spirit.