The Best How To Clean Tips

The Best How To Clean Tips

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How to Clean Leather Shoes and Boots

Good quality white leather shoes are eye-catching and comfortable but require proper care. By the middle of summer, your newly bought white leather sneakers start to look dirty. They end up going from being your everyday sneakers to being thrown out due to the fact they look so bad. We show you how to clean leather shoes and boots, to keep them looking great!

White Leather Shoes Care: 5 Basic Rules

Before you buy a new pair of white leather kicks, consider the following facts:

  • White shoes are not for every day. Wear them 3-4 times a week and keep clean if you want to have them new looking;
  • White shoes should be protected and gently cared for. It’s not like regular shoes when you might not care whether it rains or not;
  • White shoes are white; it means they quickly get dirty. So, you have to clean them every time you get mud on them;
  • Natural leather is a durable material. However, it can lose its shape when it gets wet. Once you need to clean your shoes, be ready to have a shoe tree. You might want to use shoe trees for storage and stretching new pair;
  • To prevent yellow stains do not dry your kicks upside down and never put them in the sun.

Tips to Keep Your Sneakers Looking Brand New

Safe Light Cleaning with Wipes

First of all, remove spots and light dirt with a dry cloth. Daily Wipe Leather Shoes With a Dry Microfiber Fabric. Read further to find out how to safely clean your white sneakers with wipes:

  1. Remove the laces from the sneakers. Once done, put them in a container with soapy water.
  2. Leather sneakers tend to lose their shape once they get wet. So, to prevent that insert the shoe trees inside of the shoes. It’s going to help when the shoes are drying or anytime when the shoes are wet.
  3. To get rid of the sneaker surface stains use the disinfectant wipes. Choose alcohol-free and kid-friendly wipes and do not use chloride wipes like Clorox; they turn white leather shoes yellow with time.

CAUTION: Keep in mind, avoid using a magic eraser on leather parts of the shoes, only on soles.

Cleaning Leather with Toothpaste

The critical thing to get your shoe white is a regular cream toothpaste. The brilliance white toothpaste is a great option too. It has a little bit more abrasiveness; it can get deep in strains and clean shoes well.

We would advise staying away from any gel toothpaste. Start with the sole and try to avoid the leather parts as much as possible.

Cover up all the fabric or colorful parts of the shoes like a logo, strips, or the back part of a shoe. It can also remove the white paint of the leather. And if there is any color other than white or mesh you would want to cover it with a cloth too. Toothpaste can be quite abrasive and cause scratching.

Experience shows that if you put toothpaste on the mesh, it will be hard to get it out. You will need to use a clean, soft brush to remove toothpaste from the unwanted areas and avoid getting leather shoes wet.

Then, remove all the excess toothpaste from the shoe with a lightly damped cloth. To ensure there is no toothpaste glance on the shoes, let the shoes dry for about an hour.

Professional Leather Care Products

When your shoes are completely dry, the last step is to put a leather moisturizer. Use a small amount on each shoe and work it into the leather with a brush. Then let them dry for about half an hour.

Spray a water-resistant suede and leather protector all over the shoes to make sure your sneakers look their best for longer.

If you do not want to experiment with your white sneakers, use Saphir Renomat Leather Cleaner to clean the leather and Saphir Renovateur for deep conditioning.

Three Simple Hacks To Keep Leather Shoes Neat & Tidy

Bonus! Shoelaces Care Tips

The shoelaces should be soaking in the soapy water for some time. Put them in a sink, add some dish detergent and work them in well. Place them in clean water to wash the foam off.

Let your shoelaces air dry or put them on a low heat cycle in a dryer for 10-15 minutes.

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