The Best How To Clean Tips

The Best How To Clean Tips

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How To Clean A Tie Without Ruining It

If you ever tried or wanted to clean a tie and it did not work, this article will fix all your problems regarding how to clean a tie.

All begins with good care of the tie, moreover if it is a silk tie.

After a full day of work, it is normal to just want to take off all your clothes and just do a long bath.Taking care of how do I take off my tie will make a huge difference and it will keep it in a good shape for a longer time.

Step two. After I carefully took my tie off, I pay attention to the place where I decide to put it. Hanging it somewhere will keep my tie away from being damaged.

If I would roll it and place it in a small wardrobe it will not cause big damage, but long-term the differences will be observable. The little things like putting my tie in the right place are visible and this is why I make sure I am always following these simple rules.

Now that I know which are the steps that I should respect daily, how about cleaning my tie? Many people have told me that ties can be simply machine washed and even dried.

This sounds like a dream, isn’t it? Well, let me tell you that this is actually just a dream. Only in case you want to damage your tie sooner, you should put it in the machine wash with other clothes.

Ties are very sensitive and their material can be broken very fast. This is why I never use the washing machine for my ties and I decide to wash them manually.

The size of a tie is pretty small, so it will not cost me a lifetime to wash it. Though, I always pay attention while I am washing it. Because one of the most sensitive ties and the silk ones, let me give you an example of how do I wash a silk tie.

Cleaning A Silk Tie

The silk material only allows dry cleaning. It is also important to hand-press the tie so that it can be long-term maintained.

Another important aspect when I take care of my silk tie is to always make sure it does not get wet. If that happens, I hang it so that it can dry. I never use the dry machine for that.

Are you not sure if you should use the iron or steam machine? Well, the best option for that is the steam machine. I use it so that I can be sure my tie will not be damaged. It is an alternative to use an iron machine too, but the process takes longer and the result is not as good as the first one.

Last tips. For a silk tie, never twist it if it gets wet, you will lose it. Also, do not use bleach for it, it is not a good choice. Ties are a sensitive material, but very necessary if you want to make a good impression. Taking care of it and following these tips will bring you a guaranteed success!

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