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The Best How To Clean Tips

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How To Clean Ugg Boots

When I was in college I learned how to clean Uggs on my own, saving me a lot of hard-earned money. Here’s how to clean Uggs without the expensive leather cleaners!

What You’ll Need

You will need a suede brush (or a nail brush or other similar brush). These are easily found online and at any big box retailer. You’ll also need a rubber eraser, just make sure it’s not a colored one. Stick with white to avoid any unintentional staining.

You will also need three clean cloths, a bowl, some water and some distilled white vinegar.

How To Clean Uggs

Take your brush and gently brush your boots to remove any dirt or loose debris. This will help make the cleaning solution you will use on the boots penetrate the sheepskin better.

Next, take your rubber eraser and gently remove any visible scuff marks. It may also be helpful in getting off any stubborn dirt that is left after you are done brushing them.

Then, grab your clean cloth and get it damp. It’s important that you don’t use a soaking wet rag on your boots. Sheepskin and water don’t get along very well, so any excess water may cause long-term damage to your boots. Ring out your cloth so it just damp and no longer dripping any extra water.

Take your rag and lightly wet down the outside of your boots, making sure you get every inch. Remember, they shouldn’t be soaking wet, just lightly dampened.

It’s now time to prepare your cleaning solution. Grab your bowl and mix 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar and 1/2 cup of cold water. Grab your second clean cloth and get it damp with your cleaning solution. Remember, you never want to soak your boots, even with this new cleaning solution.

Gently work this mixture into your boots, scrubbing lightly on the visible stains. Emphasis on the word gently here, folks. If you scrub too hard you can actually remove color from your shoes, which is a whole other nightmare that you do not want to deal with. Be gentle, y’all!

After you have covered both boots completely with the vinegar and water solution, grab your third clean cloth. Go back over both boots with a damp cloth to wipe the vinegar cleaning solution off. Again, remember to rub gently and never get too much water in your cloths.

Drying Your Uggs

After you’ve cleaned them, stuff the boots with clean, dry towels until they are sitting upright on their own. This will help them keep their shape while they are drying. Find a dry place that is relatively cool and out of direct sunlight so they can air dry.

You do not want to use another source to help speed up the drying process. Using an outside heating or air source may actually cause your boots to shrink or become overly stiff. So, turn off the fan and keep them away from the heating vents!

You did it! You cleaned your Uggs at home and saved yourself a bunch of money!

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