The Best How To Clean Tips

The Best How To Clean Tips

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How to Clean Floors Effortlessly

Cleaning is one of the common topics discussed by homemakers across the world. Here we look at some of the different methods used to make basic floor cleaning, easy and effortless. Here are some of the best solutions to make the floor cleaning easy.

The Best Solution for Pergo Floors

Vinegar, a common solution used for the preparation of pickles and cleaning clothes can be also used to clean the pergo floor surface. Pergo floors can be made shiny by adding vinegar to the cleaning water solution.

Accumulated dirt on the pergo floors may not be easy to clean at times. Hence you need a cleaning lotion that can naturally disintegrate the accumulated dirt. Vinegar is found to be very beneficial to breaking down dirt accumulation on the floor.

Vinegar, has very few side effects in cleaning, which makes it one of the best solutions for cleaning. Diluting it with lukewarm water, will help to get optimum results.

There are many cleaning solutions available for cleaning floors. Many include, harsh and abrasive chemicals. Often these are detrimental if exposed to the skin or breathed in. Using these natural options, you have both, a clean floor and good health.

Cleaning Lenoleum Floors

Add baking soda to lukewarm water and apply to areas where dirt has built up. Baking soda eases the cleaning procedure by diluting the concentrated dirt. Once broken down, it can be wiped or mopped away.

For effective results, lemon juice can be added into the cleaning solutions. The gentle acid, will help break down grease and oily residues.

Again you will find many commercial products for the job, but we know you will find this just as effective. If you wish to go with a commercial product, pick one with the most positive reviews.

Tips on Cleaning Bamboo Floors

Cleaning floors made from bamboo plants may not be an easy task in many cases. To ensure the durability of the bamboo floors, cleaning procedures advise cleaning with dry mops with less water. Too much water will degrade the bamboo floor and decrease its durability. Hence it is suggested to make use of natural floor cleaners for bamboo floors from the online stores. The presence of harsh chemicals in the floor cleaning lotion is often reported to be the cause of the damage of bamboo floors.

You can reduce this problem by making use of natural floor cleaners with fewer chemicals. For example, the application of diluted vinegar in lukewarm water can naturally help the cleaning process in the home. It lifts and removes the dirt. It also assists with the removal of bacteria from the floor.

The removal of bacteria and viruses from the floor may not be an easy task. The unseen bacteria are often reported to be the cause of common cold and fever conditions. For this reason the use of an anti-bacterial agent is often promoted. There are commercial options, there are also many great natural options.

Tea Tree Oil, is a natural and highly effective option, that is often used as an antisceptic. It works very well on floors too. Mix it in with your cleaning solution.

Adding that Fresh Smell

You can buy many cleaning products online. They all talk about anti-bacterial and fresh smell. They also cost money.

Adding natural products like Lavender, Rosewater or jasmine, to your cleaning solution will acheive the same result, without chemicals. Using these will leave your floors clean and your room smelling wonderful.

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