The Best How To Clean Tips

The Best How To Clean Tips

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How to Clean Keds

Canvas classic shoes for more than one hundred years, the Keds have become a wardrobe essential. White Keds are comfortable, stylish, and fortunately, super easy to clean. Here we show you how to clean Keds.

How to Quickly Treat Fresh Stains on Keds

Your favorite white Keds are made of cotton so you can use the same tips and tricks you’d use to deal with a dirty spot on your white cotton t-shirt.

Whether it’s a drop of coffee on a white shirt or ketchup on your brand-new pair of jeans, just take a wet napkin or baby wipes and rub the stain. The same method definitely works with your canvas shoes.

You can quickly treat fresh stains using the Tide to Go Pen, a stain remover that is designed as a small pen. Tide to Go Pen is a convenient way to deal with smudges effectively and immediately.

Before using, test the Tide to Go pen on a hidden small piece of fabric of your shoe. The Tide to Go Pen is safe for cotton. However, some sneakers fabrics may turn yellow when contacting with detergent.

So it’s critical to test a small amount of the solution first.

If the Tide to Go Pen works well on spills from food and drink, to treat your sneakers follow these steps:

  • use a towel or a napkin to remove the spill gently,
  • apply some Tide solution on the stain,
  • rub the stain until it disappears,
  • wait for a minute and reapply more solution if necessary,
  • blot with a dry cloth and let it dry before exposure to sunlight.

The Tide to Go Pen works great with food and drink stains, but it can be less effective on wine, blood, or grass stains. Make sure to use other cleaning and stain removing methods to keep your Keds looking brand-new.

How to Clean Keds At Home – Easily

You will need:

  • 1 tbs baking soda;
  • 1/2 tbs hydrogen peroxide;
  • 1/2 tbs lukewarm water;
  • Soft shoe brush (or an old soft toothbrush).

Mix the ingredients in a small bowl and thoroughly apply the mixture with a brush onto your shoes. Gently rub dirty spots and stains. Keep the solution for 30 minutes. Then after wash off with clear water and let air dry overnight.

How it works:
Hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleach, while baking soda helps clean fabrics by reacting with stains acid compounds and breaking out the elbow grease.

Spot cleaning your Keds regularly with a soft toothbrush and baking soda paste can help your Keds stay clean longer.

2 Magic Tricks to Make Keds Look Fresh

Don’t have time to clean your Keds all over? Just focus on the scuff marks on the rubber soles, and new white shoelaces.

The easiest way to clean the soles is by using a melamine sponge. A magic eraser works wonders even with the hardest spots. You can take a large sponge and cut it in small pieces. Add a drop of water on the sponge, rub the dirty surface, and voila, nice and clean shoes are ready!

Clean white shoelaces can also save the day. Buy two sets of laces and wash them regularly in warm soapy water.

How to Use Bleach & Detergent on Your Keds

According to the Keds Care Instructions, it is not recommended washing your shoes in a washing machine and drying, many Keds fans are not afraid of machine-washing and harsh detergents. Be careful while you’re doing this.

Before washing be sure to remove mud off the outsoles, take the laces out, and put shoes in a laundry bag or an old pillowcase. Throw a white bath towel with your shoes, so they don’t slam around.

Preferably run the delicate cold water cycle, and let your Keds air-dry afterward. To prevent your shoes from losing shape, curling up, or even shrinking put in shoe trees or stuff with white paper towels when drying.

Make sure you do not put in a washing machine corduroy Champion Keds or sparkly Kate Spade NY Champion Glitter Keds. In this case, remove dirt with a microfiber cloth or a soft bristle brush.

Check out our more detailed article on Canvas Shoes Care Guide.

What to Do If Your Favorite Keds Turned Yellow After Washing

Got weird yellow stains on your shoes?

Canvas shoes usually become yellow under the sun or due to the oxidizing process after being washed with specific detergent. If the solution was not rinsed off thoroughly, it performs a chemical reaction with oxygen. In this situation, the shoes will turn yellow after washing.

You may try to prevent yellow stains from covering your shoes with white tissue or paper towels when drying. Once the shoes are completely dry, you will see that white tissue napkins become yellow, while the Keds will remain white.

If you can’t get rid of yellow spots on your shoes, don’t worry. Customize your favorite Keds with a fantastic design or make shiny shoes with glitter and Mod Podge. No one will ever notice the wear and tear underneath.

Final Thoughts

Even the best of the best shoes don’t last forever. Surely, you can take some precautions to extend their life, but there comes a moment when you say goodbye to your favorite Keds and buy a new pair. Check out our offers of the Best Keds to buy now.

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