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The Best How To Clean Tips

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How to Clean Skechers Shoes

We all love a brand new pair of Skechers. Classic style and outstanding comfort make them the perfect casual shoes for everyone. Add a touch of glamour to casual look wearing white Skechers with stitching and overlay accents. We show you how to clean Skechers shoes, to keep them looking at their best.

How to Make Your Skechers Sneakers Last Longer

Fortunately, there are some inexpensive tricks to extend the life of your sneakers in the best shape. With proper care and professional treatment, you can extend the life of your favorite Skechers pair for months.

Invest in professional cleaning products to pre-treat your sneakers and keep them white for longer.

Skechers Rain and Stain Waterproof Spray

Before wearing spray your new Skechers with Rain and Stain Waterproof Spray. It is a special eco-friendly solution to protect your footwear from stains and any type of liquids. Works well for all fabrics: leather, canvas, and suede.


  • Test for colorfastness on a small hidden area of your shoes before use;
  • Make sure your sneakers are clean and dry;
  • Shake well and spray thoroughly all over the shoes;
  • Leave it to dry overnight or at least for 8-12 hours away from direct sunlight. A second coat is highly recommended.

Skechers Shoe Care Odor Eliminator Spray

Skechers Shoe Care Odor Eliminator Spray is the official anti-odor formula to deodorize and freshen your shoes. The eco-friendly mixture destroys the bad smell in every type of footwear. Make sure to use it in a well-ventilated area.


  • Spray thoroughly and allow to air dry before wearing.

Skechers Shoe Care Athletic Cleanser Gel

Use a shoe conditioner to remove dirt and surface stains. Apply it regularly to nourish and brighten footwear fabrics, and make your shoes to look like new in just a few minutes. It is safe on all types of shoes.


  • Shake well before use;
  • Apply on a clean cloth or sponge;
  • Scrub evenly all over the shoe with a soft brush;
  • Use a dry cloth to wipe away the excess solution;
  • Let it air dry completely away from direct sunlight.

Five Rules to Keep Your Skechers Looking Brand-New

The First Rule

Hand washing in cold water with a mild detergent is strongly recommended for all non-leather sneakers. If you don’t want your white sneakers turning yellow, choose natural washing solutions and do not expose your shoes to sunlight while drying.

Skechers Memory Foam™ insoles should be also hand washed and naturally air-dried for 10 – 12 hours. Never put wet insoles in the shoes.

Performance Skechers: Skechers GOwalk & Skechers GOrun

Avoid machine washing and try to hand washing in warm soapy water with a drop of dishwashing detergent. Dip a toothbrush or cotton cloth in the solution and gently rub off the dirt.

Remove grease from the outsoles with a soft brush. Rinse off with clear water the excess soap. Allow the shoes to air dry for at least 12 hours.

A piece of advanced mesh fabric on the upper of Skechers should be treated with special care using professional solutions for Nylon and Mesh Shoes and soft bristle brush for the mesh.

Check our Top Rated Mesh Shoes Care Products here.

Leather Skechers: Go Golf

For smooth leather Skechers, you will need a neutral shade shoe cream or conditioner. Wipe the grime off with a wet cloth and apply a leather cleaning conditioner.

All Skechers Go Golf is fully waterproofed, so you don’t need to apply any protectant on them. To soothe leather upper, use a lotion or leather oil once a month to keep the leather supple.

Do not machine wash leather sneakers. Read more on how to clean leather sneakers in our detailed Leather Care Guide 101 here.

Suede Skechers

Suede is a delicate fabric, so apply a protectant such as Skechers Water Proofer Spray to save the shoes from rainwater and dirty stains. Do not machine wash and heat dry suede shoes.

Any source of direct heat like a hairdryer, fireplace, or radiator might damage your shoes. Stuff the shoes with paper towels and let them air dry at room temperature. Use a shoe tree to maintain shoe shape when stored.

When shoes should be cleaned, brush away dirt with a suede brush or a soft bristle brush to keep the nap uplift. Stubborn stains should be treated with professional stain remover suitable for suede material. Consider purchasing an essential suede cleaning kit online.

As mentioned above, use a protectant such as Skechers Water Proofer Spray to preserve the shoes from stains and water before wearing in the rain.

Light-Up Skechers

Treat your favorite lighted Skechers with mild dish soap, warm water, and a microfiber cloth. Do not machine wash light-up, contact with water will damage the lights.

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