The Best How To Clean Tips

The Best How To Clean Tips

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How to Wash White Vans Shoes

White Vans are classics of the sneaker lifestyle. However, being completely white, canvas shoes get dirty very quickly and easily. If you wear sneakers every day, then you should know how the dirty streets do your worst.


Quick 1-2-3 Guide On Canvas Shoe Cleaning

We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to maintaining box-fresh canvas shoes and clean white sneakers like a pro. Learn how to clean your Vans so that they look brand-new. Whether it is Slip-Ons, Sk8-Hi, or Old Skool, white Vans require regular upkeep. To make this job easier, set your weekend routine to clean sneakers that got dirty.

If you’ve noticed your favorite Vans got a little dirty and wanted to clean them on the spot, follow these simple steps:

  1. Knock the soles together to remove any dirt and use a soft shoe brush to shed off dust. Use damp cloth or towel to wipe away any superficial stains.
  2. For upper sole use non-alcohol wet wipes to remove dirty spots.
  3. For tougher marks and stains on midsole use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Take a new sponge, soak it in warm water thoroughly, and scrub your shoe until it is brand new.

A Magic Eraser has an abrasive side and can damage the fabric, that’s why it’s not a good idea to clean canvas shoes with it. Better wipe the canvas shoes with a light-colored towel. Clean white paper towels work fine too.

Do NOT use newspapers, the ink can bleed, and you’ll have smudgy shoes instead of white.

How To Wash White Canvas Vans Safely

Many times this simple yet tricky process went wrong, and white Vans turned yellow instantly.

You can use household cleaning products like Hydrogen peroxide, Toothpaste, or Baking Soda. But before you do, try to hand wash your sneakers with water without any solutions or chemicals.

  1. Fill a bowl with clean, warm water about 40’C, wet the soft brush bristles and scrub the shoe all over.
  2. Make sure that the brush is clean, better take a new one. Use a soft toothbrush for hard to get areas.
  3. Wipe off with a towel with a twist motion. It will help to lift the stains and dry the shoes.

Cleaning white canvas shoes with any detergent solution is a fear of many because it can turn your kicks yellow. Read the instructions before you get started.

Tips On How To Clean Vans With Toothpaste

  1. Wipe off your shoes with a wet towel to remove dirt and dust.
  2. Take white non-gel toothpaste and apply it thoroughly with a soft toothbrush.
  3. Do not scrub hard.
  4. Let it air dry, but do NOT put on sunlight.
  5. Wipe off with a dry cloth.

How to Use Baking Soda to Clean Canvas Vans

CAUTION: If you have leather parts on your kicks, don’t use this method.

  1. Soak sneakers in cold water.
  2. Make a paste with baking soda with water. Add talc powder or baby powder to baking soda to effectively remove dirt and recolor sneakers.
  3. Thoroughly scrub the solution all over the shoes with a clean toothbrush. Pay particular attention to the dirtiest areas like toecap and counter.
  4. Wash the solution off of your Vans with warm water.
  5. Air dry your shoes. Avoid placing them near heat, on sunlight or in a dryer. The excessive heat will turn Vans yellow in a second.

You can try using Apple Cider Vinegar instead of water in the proportion of 2:3. Avoid using metal bowl and spoons; it will react with the vinegar and ruin your sneakers.

How to Clean White Vans That Turned Yellow

It always happens by surprise when you realize your precious kicks got a yellow tinge or yellow stains.

You can try to wash them with OxiClean solution in a washing machine. It doesn’t sound like a good idea. However, it is the last chance to save your shoes.

  1. Put your shoes in a mesh bag for delicates or in an old pillowcase. Tie the case to prevent the kicks from dropping out during washing.
  2. Set the gentle wash cycle. The water temperature should be cold or max 30’C.
  3. Add 1/4 cup of OxiClean or any other detergent. Misusing bleach can damage the fabric.
  4. Once the wash cycle ends, dry your shoes naturally.

To avoid adverse effects and unpleasant outcomes we recommend using professional shoe cleaning products that are designed specifically for sneakers. You can find many options online.

If it happens and you decide to start from scratch and buy new kicks, shop for your favorite sneakers online.

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