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The Best How To Clean Tips

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How To Clean a Washing Machine

In my daily chores at home, I sometimes had problems that made me think of questions such as how to clean a washing machine,with vinegar and baking soda?

Every time I used my washing machine it was a real headache, because my clothes were not completely clean, and very often had a bad smell, in several occasions I changed the brand of detergent, thinking that was the cause, however the results of the wash were always the same, the clothes kept that smell that I did not like.

I thought that the washing machine was damaged, and I even started to inquire about the price of a new machine. While I was in a washing machine store, a very nice lady came up to me and asked me if I didn’t have a washing machine, and I told her what was wrong with me.

The sweet lady told me that she had 15 washing machines, because she was washing other people’s clothes, and she told me that what was happening to me was because of the lack of cleanliness and explained to me how to clean a washing machine.

The lady told me that she cleaned all her washing machines weekly, so that the customers feel that their clothes were spotless and smelled excellent, she needed her customers to get a quality wash, in order to maintain her business.

I must confess that I was surprised, the basis of the cleaning, in what the lady told me, was the bicarbonate and vinegar, and I used them so much for other things, so I researched about the benefits of these elements, and I share them with you so you can take advantage of them to the fullest.

Benefits of baking soda for cleaning

  • Is a disinfectant and bleach
  • It is very effective as a stain remover, with the precaution that it is diluted in water
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors
  • Services to eliminate the mold caused by humidity

Benefits of Vinegar for cleaning

Another product that I want to recommend is this, it has solved many problems in the cleaning, these are the benefits to take advantage of them.

  • It is antimicrobial
  • High natural disinfectant properties
  • Excellent polish
  • It is an ecological and very economical cleaner
  • Eliminates lime residues that accumulate in the coating machines
  • Suppresses bad odors

Now that I have told you about the benefits of these two elements, I will explain how to clean with them

The first thing I do is make a cleaning cream where I use these materials:

  • 1/2 liter of water
  • 200 gr of bicarbonate
  • 200 ml of vinegar
  • 1 plastic container
  • 1 sponge
  • 2 wipes for cleaning
  • 1 container with atomizer
  • 1Wood pallet or remover

Cleaning cream preparation

  • In the plastic container I pour the bicarbonate, vinegar and 1/2 liter of water
  • With the palette or wooden stirrer I mix the ingredients until I get a homogeneous mixture
  • Pour the mixture in the spray bottle
  • The other half of the mixture is reserved for sponge cleaning

How to clean a washing machine

  • When the washer is completely empty, it sprays the entire interior of the washer with the liquid from the atomizer, including the parts that are most difficult to access, such as the inner edges
  • Rotify the inside of the door over its entire surface and edges
  • At the back of the lid sprayed with the liquid from the atomizer
  • I close the lid and let the cleaning cream act for about 30 minutes
  • With the sponge, I fill it with the cleaning cream I have reserved in the plastic container, and I pass it carefully, pressing it to dilute the dirt over the whole control panel of the washing machine, taking care not to drop the cleaner to the internal electric part.
  • I pass the sponge with cleaner by all the external part of the washing machine
  • After 30 minutes, I wet it with a cloth and squeeze it
  • Then I pass it through the entire control panel to remove the remains of the cleaner
  • I do the same operation with the wet wipe, on the whole outside the lid, and on the whole outside the washing machine
  • I then open the lid of the washing machine and with the sponge I fill it with cleaner and pass it through the whole inner part of the lid, settling well on the edges, this is where the dirt and mold caused by humidity accumulate most.
  • With the sponge I rub all the internal area where I spray the cleaner
  • Set on the shortest hot water rinse cycle, close the door tightly and start the washing machine.
  • I repeat this rinsing process 3 times, so that the bicarbonate and vinegar smell is eliminated from the washing machine
  • Then, with the wet wipe, I remove the cleaner residues still present inside the lid
  • With the dry cloth I clean the whole interior of the washing machine, including the inside of the lid, and then I dry the whole exterior of the washing machine
  • After cleaning, I always leave it open for an hour, so that the air helps with the drying and the smell of vinegar and bicarbonate is eliminated.

With this process, I always get excellent results, my clothes are left after each wash with an incredible clean smell.

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